It’s Hardware Freedom Day on Saturday – join the fun!

March 13, 2014 in Event, Featured


On Saturday, March 15 2014, it is Hardware Freedom Day – a yearly celebration of Open Hardware!

Every year since 2004 hundreds of teams have been celebrating Software Freedom Day, often showcasing Open Hardware in the process. At the Digital Freedom Foundation (formerly known as SFI) in 2012 they thought it was about time to have a special day just for Open Hardware. So for its second year please get involved to help celebrate open hardware as part of this global event.

What is open hardware?

SparkFun Electronics has created a very nice explanatory video for the Open Source Hardware Association which you can view here:

How can you contribute?

Support Hardware Freedom Day. You or your organization believes hardware should be hackable and/or is deeply involved in Open Hardware. You believe that Hardware Freedom Day needs traction and are willing to help us with the promotional efforts by putting one of our web banners and countdown on your website.

Organize Hardware Freedom Day. You love to hack all the gadgets you have a chance to put your hand on and/or are a member of a hackerspace? The time has come to join all the other hackerspaces in the world and celebrate Hardware Freedom Day. We have drafted a guide to get you started, simply register your event and don’t hesitate to join our mailing list and exchange ideas with others.

Attend Hardware Freedom Day. You’ve heard about Open Hardware and would love to discover more, be able to ask questions and see some live action? You already have some hackable stuff and would like to meet with like-minded people in your neighbourhood? Then check out the events map and find a location in your area celebrating Hardware Freedom Day. If you cannot find one in your neighborhood, then join virtually on IRC.

Learn more

Read more about Hardware Freedom Day and the movement on the website – and join the mailing list. Also let us know what you’ll be doing on Hardware Freedom Day – in the comments below or on the Open Design & Hardware discussion list.

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